I Just Want to Eat

Four people (some not very culinarily open-minded) from four countries, two barking feet on each of them, eight long tradeshow hours, and one dinner to agree on. Ain't gonna happen.

We walked from the convention center to the complex next to it. Two restaurants.

"I don't want Chinese. I'll have Chinese in the next few weeks anyway."

Uh, okay, that's in Taiwan, which is totally different Chinese, but whatever. And uh, why would you eat anything but Chinese food while in Hong Kong?? So we dropped him and sent him away to his hotel (thankfully on the Kowloon side).

Three left. And thus began the oh-let's-go-here-oh-let's-go-there wild goose chase.

Cab ride around Wan Chai before the taxi driver told us we had to go to this famous 40-year-old traditional Chinese place. Sounded great, actually! And then one colleague says,
"How's the Peak?"

Driver turns around and heads up to the Peak Lookout: closed for private event. Wandering through the Galleria to find no suitable Chinese food (except for the cafe downstairs), after consulting with several tourist shop owners.

Cab ride back down to Central where the taxi driver finally gives up on us and drives us through Causeway Bay, drops us off at Tai Fook which, in my humble opinion of Chinese food, was blah.

I was in a particularly pissy mood, already tired and hungry, and I just wanted to eat. Afterwards, we wandered the streets of Causeway Bay, but the other two guys wanted to head home.

I need to find more people whom I can travel with.


Rich and Angel said...

1. Find someone who is flexible about the things to do.
2. Find someone who is easy going and not too picky except for the cleanliness of bathrooms.
3. Find somebody with a sense of adventure who likes to take a little bit of risk but not go completely overboard.
4. Find somebody incredibly hot and preferably female who also thinks you're incredible hot and is willing to share a hotel room with you.

Kevin said...

Well, I'm still looking for someone to travel with, BEN. But then again, it's not like you can really choose who to go with you on business travel. You just make the most of who you're with. Fortunately, my travels with white guy co-workers have been good with their "I'll try anything once" attitudes. Good guys. :D

1. I'm flexible about things to do (although you must listen to me).
2. I'm pretty easy going, and I care less about cleansiless than you do.
3. I think you know where my sense of adventure is.
4. I'm neither incredibly hot, nor female... but I think YOU'RE incredibly hot, and I'm willing to share a hotel room with you... but only to cut costs.

hougee said...

HK is awesome.. u can shop till 12 midnight and there's food everywhere.. even at 7-11s.. the food is pretty awesome! ahahahha... well.. alot better than 7-11 here at the weed hrs!