I Just Want to Sleep

Yesterday's tradeshow day ended at 6:00pm. Exhibitor's party at LUX in Lan Kwai Fong (the pub/clubbing district) started at 6:30pm, free beer and wine and highballs. And very very little food. (Long day, free booze, no food: in case you are new to this game, that's not a particularly good combination.)

And then around 9:00pm, M&S came by and we got in (by invitation) to dragon-i for the opening party of some Gerrard jewellery launch. Again, free booze, and the kitchen was closed. Met a bunch of people, some media mogul folk, and a gay guy who tried to hold S's hand. (S, being the good friend shrugged him off, and spun him over to me, where the dude tried to hold my hand. No, thank you.)

1:00am rolls around, and S and I are looped out our trees and we stumble our way to some burger joint owned by a Canadian guy. An awesome burger and to-die-for poutine finish our night.

This morning, I am not in particularly good shape. Tired, and I have to play nice for another 4 hours. I just want to go home and sleep.

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