Out the Back

Food poisoning is a terrible, terrible thing. I do not enjoy pissing little brown pellets out my ass. Especially the day before I need to fly out for 9 days on business.

I'm sorry you had to bear witness to this, but would be really sorry if you had to really bear witness to it.

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Ben said...


My main suspect right now is a batch of 10 beef dumplings from a street vendor that I had never gone to. That's the only thing that I ate which nobody else did.

I was pretty much bed-ridden all day yesterday. Well, bed-ridden and thrown-squatting. This morning, after some Chinese and western medication, as much hot fluid as my stomach would accept, and a bowl of wonton noodles (again from a street vendor, because dammit, that's what's around), I'm feeling a lot better.

And of course, the love and care of a friend who stayed with me throughout. (I sure could get used to being babied.)

Oh, and a Joey marathon of all the episodes right from the beginning.