Hop, Skip, Jump

Sorry for the recent silence; I know how empty your lives have been without my daily blog entries. (Not.) Just a quick update; suddenly my November (business) travel plans have been jostled around. This is how it landed:

11/14 -> 11/20: Hong Kong (HKG)
11/21 -> 11/23: Beijing (BJS)
11/28 -> 12/01: Essen (FRA) CANCELLED

Will get to see M&S in Hong Kong and spend some good time with them, since they offered to put me up for the time I'm there. Excited!

[ edit: By the way, thanks for all the birthday wishes, though I'm not technically leaving 30 for another 17 hours or so (due to international date line and time difference). ]


Anonymous said...

Congrat! You are offically 31~

hougee said...

happy 31st dude!!! :D
more drinking on the way in HK with M&S. :) have lotsa fun

Momcy said...

Happy birthday, kid!

ceaz said...

Happy birthday uncle Ben.

Nk said...

Party at Ben's on the weekend of the 19th! =D

Hmm, looks like Momcy and Ceaz are 2 generations apart!...