Ce-le-brate Good Times, C'mon!

The sun is shining, the air is cool; it's a gorgeous day that reminds me of summer mornings in Vancouver when I was a kid. Or a super-early morning in the Bay Area. Gawd, that puts me in a nice mood.

What with the broken belt incident -- "The Great Broken Belt Incident of 2005" -- I found that a good chunk of my pants selections is now no longer available to me. But this morning, I found a pair of Uppercut pants still fresh in the packaging! So today, I am sporting the Uppercut Trooper in Stone (grey). that puts me in a good mood too.

So anyway, the birthday is coming up next week. How should I celebrate it? (Within reason, please.)

(Actually, you're not really becoming a year older on your birthday; you're really just a day older, because the day before, you were just a day younger. The age number is kind of misleading that way; they should change it. But you know what I mean. Just answer the question.)


hougee said...

i'll send over table #7 on ur bday... ahaha... i think bdays are best spent with close friends and families :)

Princess Taj said...

Did someone say birthday????
What's the damage???

I think you should have lots of sex. Cake and Sex. And Booze.

Just a suggestion.

Ben said...

Holy jeez, girl. I mean, I know I'm immature and I'm sure my young-at-heartness (read: childish mentality) comes through in my elementary school-level writing ... but 18?? I'm at least a full decade older than that (though not nearly half as wise).

Regarding the cake, sex, and booze: two of them are definites, I'll keep working on the third one. ;-) (It's harder for those of us without that "Ghetto BOOOOOOOOOOOOTY", ya know.)

So far, the booze count is this (for us 3 simultaneous Scorpio birthdays): 40 people, 9 bottles of hard liquor, 4 bottles of wine, 1 crazy Sunday afternoon in a karaoke bar. This is, of course, following closely on the heals of a brunch meeting with the visiting corporate Technical Director, after which I will definitely need a stiff drink or 7.

Anonymous said...

Since your friends will be obliged to treat you to a meal, why don't you go to a place where you are usually too reserved to spoil yourself? Like MOS Burger...$5 hamburgers, yum! Have 2 or 3 of them if you feel like it, go nuts!

KT said...

I totally agree about hte birthday thing. On your "30th" bday you should really be celebrating the START of your 31st year of life.

Ce said...

Table seven dawg. Table seven.