Scattered at 31

Had a small birthday dinner at Salt & Bread yesterday. Lesson: Russians may know their vodka, but their baked oxtail with mashed potatoes is dangerously similar to a fatty starch bomb. And accordions are almost as annoying as bagpipes.

If I don't workout regularly, my energy level decreases in general, and usually after dinner I have the tendency to conk out. Now I'm just missing the white undershirt vest and the sitting on the couch staring at the boobtube while scratching myself.

Rye bread ain't all that. And I am in desperate need of a black belt -- I never realized how restricting to my dress wardrobe it is not to have a black dress belt. Also never realized how difficult it is to find a classy black belt around here; you'd think more people had fashion sense.

I hold efficient weekly meetings at work; for a team of 9, status updates and new topics to discuss can be done between 15-25 minutes. Anything that drags the meeting is taken offline. Bing bang boom, and we're outta the room.

Comme Ca ISM socks are a dream. They feel like satin on my feet, and make me all happy.


elaine said...

they have comme ca ism in tw? i love that store when i was living in jp!

Nk said...

I'd been looking for a dress belt, too; I only have a black one that won't go with anything light-coloured. For all the shops and boutiques around here, the selection of belts leaves much to be desired. Well, not much, just a dress belt.

Our meeting of 25 people has now stretched to about 5 hours Mon afternoons. And that's only the SW group of the 5X-member team. The HW team holds their meeting Tue mornings. I can't see how my manager gets anything done, seeing as he's in meetings about 3.5~4 full days of the week. It got to the point where the SW team got split into two, so now I only have to go on alternating weeks. :)

aliasa said...

Happy Belated Birthday! :)

I don't believe in meetings -- they don't accomplish much but just exaggerate the situation. It's just to let the higher ups know what their departments have accomplished. Or to check in that everyone is on the same page ^_~

I say this because my point of view comes from being stuck in dragged out meetings with my boss who goes on so many tangents. Some of them have been known to last up to 3 hours long.

I'm happiest when the boss is on vacation or dragged into other meetings.

- aliasa

Ben said...

Unfortunately, they don't have Comme Ca ISM in Taiwan; my socks were from the one in Tokyo, by the Shinjuku station.

I managed to find a "backup" belt from Zara, for only $189 HKD (around $25 USD). I will keep looking for a real belt, though, because I need one that can truly replace the one I lost [sniff].

A lot of meetings drag out because discussions get off-topic and there's nobody who will bring it back, or because the meeting manager lets long silences go by where people have nothing to say anyway. I let neither drag out. I always ask, "Anything else to add? Anything at all?" And then I wait for 10 seconds, and do a 3-2-1 countdown, then, "Okay, we're done. Thank you all!"