A Blind Eye

I watched as a police officer leisurely walked up to a street vendor near a popular trendy part of town. The guy was the only illegal vendor left on the block -- everyone else had cleared away long before, at the first sight of the cops. The blue slowly pulled out his pad to write a citation against the retailer, and as he did, he said:

"We've been circling the block for a long time, and approached very slowly. Why didn't you pack up and move away??"

Closed-minded folk will see Taiwan has having "no order", but the more astute observers soon discover that there is an alternate order to things here. You just have to see it.


Rose said...

?? I don't get it... why didn't he pack up his things and move away?

Ben said...

Funny you should ask! I noticed that he was hobbling a little bit throughout the exchange, and then saw that his left leg was actually caught in a bear leg trap and was bleeding rather severely. I imagine this hindered his packing.

No. Honestly, I don't know. But that's not the point of my entry, dear Rose.

Kevin said...

Maybe he was simply sick of being pushed around by the pigs. Sick of 50 always breathing down their necks. Sick of PoPo beating them without reason, shoving them up against the hood of their cars, treating them like criminals. I know I am.

hougee said...

maybe he makes more money staying and selling even if he has to pay for the ticket :P

but yeah... it's an art trying to get things done in the alternate order... it's alot of juggling with rules and relationships.