There Are Very Many People in Hong Kong

This place is amazing. Skyscraper after skyscraper of businesses and people. And the prices here for a decent lifestyle are actually more affordable than in Taiwan! Except for housing, of course, which is way off.

After taking care of work things the whole morning and part of the afternoon -- and it was a very testing morning for me today that nearly had me exhausting my sad arsenal of Cantonese swear words -- I managed to take the Star Ferry to the Kowloon side.

You know that mall they got over there, the Harbour City? Holy sh!t, that's a mall. Took me the whole day to get through it, including a small purchase at Zara.

Tomorrow, the real work starts. Plastic smiles and fake laughs for 8 hours. Whee.


Rose said...

Are you going to meet up with S&M?

James said...

There are tons of nice ass malls all over HK. You should also check out Langham Place in Mongkok (the MRT stops there). That place is brand new and damn nice.

Ben said...

Rose, I see them every night -- I'm staying with them!

James, I'm not really interested in ass malls, but regular malls, I'll check out. And the issue with nice ass-malls is that I can't afford nice asses or brand-name asses. I'm stuck with normal-priced asses for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben, Dean here. Is this your first time to HK? I visited back in 98/99... fun place, lots of fond memories!