Vancouver, Vancouver

Vancouver rocks. I've only been back about 14 hours, but already I've witnessed a gorgeous sunset against the mountains. And the sun set at 10pm, no less! In search for food, my brother and I happened across a Greek cultural festival and wandered in. We partook in some delicious gyros and spanakopitas. Spirits were high, of course, because of their recent victory over Portugal in the world-famous football (soccer) match. It's amazingly nice to be back, a nice way to start of my time off work.

But the house is a freakin' mess.


Nk said...

Welcome home.
And, you're welcome! =)

Clarence said...

Have fun! I wish I was there at the same time! I'm hoping to be home in august :) Maybe in time for fireworks?

Ben said...

Yeah, the weather was great today. And a good workout too (back and triceps) -- it was even flattering to have some guy ask me for advice on deadlifts! Of course, I forgot my protein shake at home, so I had to buy a protein bar from the bookstore.

My university has seen a lot of changes since I left it 6 years ago, and they're building a completely new development there called UniverCity. It's starting to take shape, and I'm excited to see how it turns out!

But I guess all the hype about the new buildings has created some overlooking in the existing areas. The sink in one of the bathrooms is cracked and it looks like it's never been cleaned since 1998.

Kind of like the bathroom downstairs in my house -- I scrubbed the tub down today because I couldn't stand it any longer. Ew.

Ben said...

I'm staying at home with my family, of course, not the university. I was just there to hit the gym yesterday.

Sure, the quality of living in Canada far surpasses that of the USA, but there are certain opportunities to be had state-side. I'm considering moving, but not back to Canada (just yet).