Someone here (in Vancouver) told me that I like to talk. Do I really? It struck me as a little strange, because I really don't think I do.

I used to speak very rarely, because I found that most of what people say when they're socializing is just useless banter. Take, for instance, an example of a styrofoam cup falling on the floor. No doubt, someone would say, "Oh, that cup fell."

"Yeah. No sh!t," I'd be thinking.

I wouldn't see the point of bringing that up, because ... well, because it's obvious. I mean, we all see it, so just pick it up and move on. There's no need to discuss such a trivial act, right?

As time went on, I began to accept that most conversations are rather useless and meant only for momentary entertainment. Like at a club or at a BBQ or something. This was the accepted behaviour to consider oneself sociable; this was how personal interaction worked.

Nowadays, I think I talk more just because sometimes I notice something out of the ordinary, and I'm the only one to verbalize it. I'm quicker to translate thoughts into speech, without worrying as much what people will think.

So tell me. You think I talk too much? (Blogging doesn't count.) Or how did you change over time in terms of dialogue participation?


hougee said...

now.. are we talking about under infuence or not?
hee hee.. i def yapp more when i have some alcohol in me :)

Van said...

Hmm I don't see you in person enough anymore to tell ya :P but i dont remember you being really talkative. I think depending on my mood I either talk a lot or very little.

Anonymous said...

yes, you can talk a lot. You definately have opinions too.

Momcy said...

Some people don't talk too much but they do talk with their faces, such us "Roll the eyes". Do you? :)

Ben said...

I think over the past decade, my voice intonations and fluxuations have improved (ie. conveying more emotion / expression). As for facial expressions, I'm not sure if I use that a lot or enough.

I know that my eyes barely reveal anything. Sometimes I have trouble maintaining eye contact when I'm talking to someone, particularly in a public setting -- always darting around surveying the environment. (Maybe it's the paranoid person in me that always wants to be safe, secure, and ready to avert danger. It's "UNAGI".)

Ce said...

You do talk to much! Just read your post. You could have simply wrote "Some people talk too much".
Hhahahaha. I'm so mean.

Clarence said...

Yeah you blab a lot these days ... Must be that SF air ;)

Anonymous said...

shaddup already. j/k.