Chaos and Happiness, Hand in Hand

Today, a dear friend enters wedded bliss. The past month for her, however, has been project management hell. This is mostly because she takes it upon herself to make every last detail perfect. And I mean perfect, as in it gets completely redone if she's not satisfied with the work.

And yet, the evening won't be about the room, the posters, the signage, the table decorations, or even the flowers. Each of these will get a passing glance and an odd remark here and there.

The focus will be on the bride. (More so the bride than the groom, as always.) And what makes or breaks the evening will be the quality of the glow that emanates from her presence and happiness tonight. Almost everything is in place, and it's most important that she enjoys tonight, and basks in the glow of the first of many "happiest day[s] of my life"!

Much love to her from all of us!

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