Pep Talk

I work out with my buddy R at the local 24hour Fitness. And anyone who weightlifts with intensity is familiar with the routine shoulder / knee / whatever injuries. It's just part of the game -- not a fun part, but a part nonetheless.

Some weeks ago, R and my shoulders had been weak for a while and we were carefully nursing and rehabilitating them back to health. I remind him constantly that without pushing his limits (safely), he won't improve; he doesn't seem to exhibit the crazy workout attitude that I do. I guess he has a constant fear that he'll hurt it again and often chooses to ease up on the weights. (And then he doesn't understand why I can push more than him.)

c'mon, man, it's only 185."I need to be careful," he justified as he sat at the bench press. "I don't want to lift too much."

I couldn't help it. As he adjusted his grip on the bar, I looked him straight in the eye and calmly assured him.

"Don't worry, R: you don't."

Our friend R is likely drinking himself silly in Winnipeg right now, all by his lonesome (because there's nothing else to do there). This entry -- and those appearing on Geeksploitation, Head Dump, Non-Sense, Random Task, and Stuff in My Head throughout the day -- is for his intoxicated amusement.


Thoughts said...


You have to remember...R has some years on you and he really shouldn't push himself as much! LOL.

Ben said...

Yeah, that's true. But it's not like he's 40 or something, you know? And it's not like he's not active at vball or other sports as well, you know? I figure he's in better shape than I am, but he won't push himself to be more.

Anonymous said...

It's comments like these that drive R to drinking. Or is it that he just complains that he is always the one that has to drive when he drinks. Yeah. I think the latter.