Hmmm, That's Different

It's interesting to see all your friends when they're all dressed up. Some seem the same, but some seem very different. I think the ladies just look more attractive, considering how much time they spent looking for that "perfect dress" for the evening, while guys have decent suits and not-so-decent suits. I'm not sure if that's what makes the real difference, but it's just an interesting thought to a drunk guy on a Saturday night (Sunday morning). I sure appreciate tearing off my tie at the end of the evening though.

And open bar. I appreciate open bar.


Kevin Cheng said...

Deep, Ben. Real deep ;) Esp the open bar bit - but I concur. Open bar = good.

I think the men's dress differences are definitely more subtle but also interesting to see if you do notice the subtelties.

Just read American Psycho and every character is described in painful detail of the brand and type of suit they're wearing. Very scary.

hougee said...

i've been wearing the same suit for the last 6 years :P
and mostly the same tie too.. ahahaha

i'm so out of date when it comes to fashion :P

Ben said...

KC, yeah, I don't get real deep when intoxicated. :-P Luckily, I don't get intoxicated often at all anymore. Yeah, the subtleties of mens clothing are noticeable, and I've started seeing them more now that I've paid more attention to my own. Too bad so many brands just don't fit me anymore.

Hougee, you're totally IN fashion. Perhaps not formal wear, but heck, how often does one wear that now, anyway, right? Uppercut (everyone go there) is the sole provider of urban apparel for many of us!

Ce said...

I only attend weddings if they have an open bar.

Ben said...

Open bar makes being the MC more fun towards the end. Note to self: minimum 4 drinks before we get started, to ease the nerves. 2 or 3 drinks ain't enough to get goin'.