Here A Blogger, There A Blogger

Just when I thought the upswing in blogging activity had gotten steady. I thought everyone who might have something to say, had a medium to say it. I thought they already blogged.

But now, every blogger and their mother has one. In the last week, three friends have started up, too -- Blog This!, Head Dump, and Non-Sense.

Just what I need to delay my daily work-start time a little more. (I should note that my routine at work starts earlier now, by about 30 minutes to an hour.)


head dump said...

I was wondering how you do it. Blog, read others blogs, respond to blogs and chat online.

Ben said...

Time management, my dear. It's 10:20am, and I'm ready to start work. See?

Plus, I type fast enough to get most stuff done. It's the stuff where I have to get my fat butt out of my seat, that get delayed: talking to people in their offices, making photocopies/scans, bringing sample equipment to/from the lab, pee breaks.

Thoughts said...

It's called multi-tasking. In this society, no one can work two hours straight without a At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

Ben said...

It's BEN-tasking: I don't work a minute without taking a 15-second break. It's important to keep that balance in your life, you know? I figure on a good day, I can get a good hour of work in. And that's a job well done in my book! Hahaha ... but I'm still way "behind" RK.

(Plus, I get email notification for any new comments on my blog now, in case anyone comments on my older posts. Trying it for a few days to see if it's too annoying.)

Mary said...

Doesn't sound like you are busy at work! So, what's your job description? Or do you have any? so, ben you couldn't hack into the Blogger to get the funny faces? Why? or you don't want to?