Random Tasks

Things to do ...

- kick it with the fam
- shop Uppercut
- workout
- eat sushi
- MC the wedding
- shop Mexx
- kick it with friends
- eat at The Keg
- do a little job searching
- shop Zara
- eat at Hon's
- figure out where the sun went

... not necessarily in that order, chronologically or importance.


hougee said...

don't forget cactus club :P

Ben said...

Hahaha, that's right: the Hostess with the Mostess!

I just hit Metrotown and noticed how much it's changed. They moved the food court to the new Bay wing, and the skywalk is still under major construction.

I remember going to the old Food Court and having my (then) girl experience all the Canadian foods. Well, only the Yogen Fruz is still there now.

Mike said...


It's been three days and I haven't seen you yet! What's keeping you busy? Oh.. Jamie wants to know if you are free for lunch sometime.

Ben said...

At the moment, my evenings are pretty booked around home. But it'll be better starting Friday. Definitely time to get together and enjoy my time here!

Ben said...

Scratch Hon's, scratch the Keg, and scratch Zara. No time. And I found the sun today. At the beach.