Memories Mashed

Huh. That's interesting. Some 5 months after my original post about New Big Wok, my sister picked some up for me.

Doesn't taste quite as good as I remembered. Perhaps my memories of Vancouver have been glorified in my head? But then I don't remember the place being called New Big Wok either, so maybe it's changed management in the meantime.

Anyhow, my favourite curry place is now Mui Garden. (Favourite non-Indian curry, that is.) They've always been really good, but I'm removing Big Wok from my list.

One day left. What to do?


hougee said...

mui garden.. did u eat that fried chicken or whatever currey? with the fried toast? off the hookie!!!

Van said...

oh damn i forgot about that place. remind me to go there!!

Ben said...

I usually only order two things there: curry beef brisket with rice, and the hainan style chicken.

Van, when are you back there?