Bloggin' About His Noggin'

Though we like to laugh at -- uh, with -- R a lot, there is no question about his focus on carrying through his various theories (more on this later). I give you, Exhibit A.

Some years ago, R had a full head of hair. Many will agree that he is extremely lucky to have it, particularly those of us who are slowly losing ours.

R has had a longtime affinity for a certain variety of girl (typically Pinays or Vietnamese at the nightclubs) who know they have the looks, bright eyes, and like to flaunt their bodies. R likes that, and snagging one to be his girlfriend became the goal. The objective. Nay, an obsession. In seeking the path to that end, he decided the means would be to portray himself as the type of guy those girls would want.

smooth like a baby's buttSo one day, he picked up a razor ... and shaved his head clean. Clean. Like, Mr. Clean clean.

His first trial period (6 months) turned up fruitless, but he kept with the new look: thug-bald, muscles from the gym, shirts showing his build. Slightly beyond the trial period was when he began to reap benefits.

And he's never gone back since. (His girlfriend today is Pinay.)


Anonymous said...

He once had a full head of blond hair. I wonder what he was targeting then.
Just when I had come to expect R to go out every night wearing a form fitting t-shirt, all of a sudden he switches to long sleeved colloared shirts. What's up with that?

Thoughts said...

I vote that he definately stays with his shaved head! Have you seen him with hair? Actually the blonde hair was entertaining though.

As for girls at bars, does it really matter? He meets all his chicks on the internet. 90% success rate! 0% at the bars.

Ben said...

I've never seen the blone hair, but I'll say that the R-without-hair was a needed improvement. I think he mentioned the next step was a tattoo, but that soon fell by the wayside when none of us would get one with him. (I'm not 18 anymore.)

His bar score is not 0% -- there are a few in there, mostly at Thirsty Bear, if I recall.

S Wong said...
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S Wong said...

I think the score was: