Conjugate the Verb "Right"

Okay, so let's say you noticed something that was wrong, and you wanted to fix it. You basically want to right that wrong.

If you do it now, you right the wrong.
If you plan to do it tomorrow, you will right that wrong.
And as the person righting that wrong, you are the righter.

(As children, you were told that "righter" wasn't proper English. Now you're old enough, and I'm telling you otherwise. Look here under the verb version.)

So anyway, what if you did it yesterday?
Then you saw that injustice, and you righted that wrong.
Sounds right, right? Wrong?

I think "righted" makes sense, but my friend is dead set against its existence. And in trying to prove myself, I can't even find a definition that includes "righted" as a conjugated version of "right", even though a search on Yahoo! seems to find many (even respectable) publications using this word. Help! Your thoughts, please.


Thoughts said...

I say you can conjugate words any way you like...if the other person understands what you're saying...then the job is done!

Nk said...

You need to broaden your search scope. :)
Since M-W doesn't work in the lab, I have to use when I'm here. They had an entry for righted.
Go ahead and claim victory. And gloat. :)