(Warning: for the next little while, many of my posts will be detailing the move from Blogger towards a webserver and Movable Type.)

I found this great site www.dslwebserver.com/, which details specific steps on how to set up your own webserver. Most of the examples are with particular businesses (www.zoneedit.com, for example), but the instructions are still very very useful.

So far, I have signed up for a free trial through ZoneEdit (for DNS services) and switched my DNS servers over from DotEasy to ZoneEdit. I'm a little concerned that switching the web hosting over to be handled by ZoneEdit will also mess up the POPmail/webmail that I'm enjoying with DotEasy -- that is non-negotiable because my NPG colleagues depend on that service.

I also found another distribution of Perl from ActiveState, which seems to be geared towards a Windows UI. But the Win32 perl I have right now says its source code is from ActiveState anyway, so I think I'll stay the course.

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