On Saturday, we went to Paramount's Great America with M's nephew (C, age 9), niece (E, 14), and niece's friend. (We did not pay the regular-priced $45 admission, whew.) The most shocking observation of the day was how mean E was to her little brother C.

One example: just before the park was closing, we all went to browse the gift shop. C wanted a hat, and E rushed him so much that she didn't even let him find his size. And he was powerless in that situation, so he just bought it. I saw him wearing it as we left, and pointed out how large it was for him. (M and C headed back into the shop to exchange it, but it turned out to be a one-size-fits-none.)

It was just really disturbing to see that obvious an abuse of pecking order, though I guess all kids tend to be mean towards their younger siblings. M told me later that she was even meaner to one of her nephews (2-year age difference).

Anyway, I hope I wasn't that mean to mine. So to my brother and sister, if I was, sorry.

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