Be enlightened (the October 01, 2003 entry) about what kind of metrosexual you are. (Applies to males only, but probably fun for females to read.) I got 27.5.

1. (1) I do the mirror check at work after bathroom runs.
2. (5) Conditioner, facial soap, scented lotion, and I know what a loofah is (but don't have one).
3. (1) I don't have to make an appointment with my haircut place, but I call before I head there just to be sure.
4. (2) I'd do it once just for the hell of it, as long as the secret is taken to the grave.
5. (4) Max. I have a pair of Steve Madden Rascals that I bought just for one pair of jeans.
6. (2) My purchases are heavily influenced by shopping friends.
7. (5) Max. As in #5.
8. (3) Not really a current bestseller, but Harry Potter. And it was recommended. By everyone I know.
9. (2.5) Sometimes it's reluctant, and sometimes those movies just look like fun. I go to movies to escape and that's one way.
10. (2) Like Forrest Gump. Any movies where the protagonist gets dumped or rejected badly.
11. (0) Heard of it, never watched it.
12. (0) Heh.

"25-36: Closet Metrosexual. No need in denying what you are."

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