A few disjointed thoughts from today's dentist appointment.

1. My dentist put my two upper wisdom teeth (freshly extracted today) in a little envelope for me to take home. Why would anyone want to take them home? As a souvenir? I took them anyway. Who knows, might come in handy one day.

2. Dentists should take extra care in their facial hygiene, paying particular attention to nasal hair growth. After all, their best clients spend considerable time with that view.

3. When you can't chew, there are very few things you can eat. And most of them are very high in carbs.

4. They have a 360-degree x-ray machine with an x-ray gun (and sensor with film opposite it) rotating around your head. How does it get a good picture of your teeth without it being blocked by the obstruction of the spinal cord and/or skulls in the way?

5. A dentist appointment like this on a Friday entitles me to the rest of the day off. I'll go enjoy it now.

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