Cheap Thrills

Ah, the little pleasures I derive in life! Just yesterday, these things made me happy.

- Halloween trick-or-treat bucket ($0.79). It's a cheap, orange jack-o-lantern, which I plan to put a tea light inside of to give our apartment a slight seasonal feel.

- Organic, fat-free marinara sauce with mushrooms ($1.79). I'm just looking forward to making some pasta soon when I can chew again).

- Lion King, Platinum Edition DVD ($15.99). I love Disney! Though it kind of reminds me of where my Beauty and the Beast Special Edition DVD is. :-(

- Windows down, sunroof open, cruising in the sun. In the middle of October, that means something!

- Shopping at Ranch99. Whenever I'm in there, I see all the foods and brands that my mom cooks with and uses ... it's almost like having my family around again, like being home.

- Playing with babies that are not mine (key point). They're so much fun and so cute, and when I'm done playing with them, it's back to their mommy's problem, hahaha ...