I just noticed a new velcro design on the latch for my Lion King DVD sleeve!

Normally, Velcro has one side with little fuzzy loops ("velour") and one side with little hooks ("crochet"). And that's the kind I've always seen (more or less).

But I noticed that both sides of this fastener had little mushroom-shaped plastic nubs! So when they were pushed together, they "clicked" into each other! What a great idea!

The only drawback is that they only have a single "level" of attachment (you can make normal velcro stick hard or light, depending on how hard you push the two sides together), and that level has limited strength (probably just enough to hold the sleeve flap on securely). Still, it's a good idea. I wonder if it infringes on the Velco patent, or maybe 3M makes it as well.

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