Here's how my network setup is right now. My domain is registered and hosted at and I have POP mail and webmail handled there. Other people use those emails, so I don't want them on my PC, but now I do want all the HTTP stuff on my home PC.

I have Dynamic DNS at pointing "" to my router (which updates my DDNS if my IP ever changes). So I told doteasy to point my domain traffic to "", which was the quickest and dirtiest way I could think of for now. My router/firewall routes non-standard ftpport to my PC for FTP purposes. Port 80 (standard http) is supposed to be routed to my PC too, but seems to get ignored instead.

So how do I get this setup to be nice and clean (and working)??

Not having fun. (But it was cool to be going through a .conf file and making manual adjustments again ... sure missed that from back in the Unix days!)