Festooned with balloons, tables covered in coloured cloths, chalk lines being drawn in the fields ... it's Sports Day today at the elementary school I pass on the way to work!

I remembered that I was never really into sports, and so sports day was really just a day where we didn't have to learn stuff, and I did whatever the older volunteer kids told me to do. "Put the egg in the spoon, hold the spoon like that, and run down there around the pole and come back without dropping it!"

For the shaving contest, I was always the "face kid" -- the one with the shaving cream on his face while team members took turns running and swiping it off with the spoon. After all, I have a competitively advantageous small face, which means less to have to shave!

What I wouldn't give to not have to come into work one day, and spend the whole day outside doing sports and shaving. [sigh]

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