I'm so smart -- I do my grocery shopping during work hours now. Shopping is quick, now that Albertson's has a self-checkout thing (which lots of people are reluctant to use, so no line-ups). I just go in the afternoon, and count that absence as breaktime.

I can buy frozen foods and bring them back to leave in the freezer (for eating at work). Refridgerated foods are kept in the fridge until I go home; if I'm off to the gym, I pack my cooler with some ice packs to store the food until I get home.

And yes, I could do my grocery shopping on my own time, but that requires a trip in my time. Plus, the two main stores I go to -- Albertson's and Ranch 99 -- are 5 minutes from work! No Safeway near near here, though, too bad.

Haha, I got back about 10 minutes ago, and my CEO was watching me walk in with my bags; he seemed rather interested in what was in there, but didn't ask. What, is he going to fire me? Hahaha ...

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