There's something about amusement parks that keep drawing us back, no matter how ripped off we get, no matter how much torture they put us through while we're there.

- People butt in line at the amusement parks all the time. It helps to wear sunglasses, look in their general direction with an expression-less face (like Arnold in T2), and clear your throat. It also helps to be buffed, but I don't have that advantage.
- Traffic in amusement parks is primarily caused by parents pushing strollers into other people, groups of people who stop mid-walk to check their maps, and those who enjoy pulling u-turns without warning.
- Disneyland is very clever. FASTPASS gives the illusion of allowing you to ride more rides in a day, but doesn't. More analysis on this (crowd flow and control issues) later.
- Universal Studios doesn't even offer this illusional tactic. You have to wait, but they do tell you how long you're forced to wait in the sweltering heat next to the rip-off frozen lemonade stand. (Incidentally, to get the lemonade, you have to stand in line too.)
- That drink is not worth $2.49, though the hot dog is not bad for $4. I'm out $6.49 all the same, though.
- People in amusement parks sweat. A lot. And the ones who sweat more, mind less about bumping into you as they walk by. Sticky. Gross.
- Beware the children who eat the spicy Cheetos snacks and get the red stuff all over their fingers. Be very careful they don't trip and try to grab onto you for stability ... with those same fingers. (Also note that children enjoy licking their fingers, making the flavour powder into a red paste.)
- And for all this, we'll pay through the nose for it. Average $50/person per day.

Given all this, how often do you endure this? How often are you at Great America or Six Flags Marine World or PNE or wherever? I don't go often, and I'm pretty sure why now.

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