I have this digital photo I took while in Vancouver. It's a sign that says, "June is bike month." Really. So, exactly, who decides when bike month is? Who says, "Okay, we're really inot bikes and we want June."

"No, no, sorry. June has already been taken; it's the Asian Parents of Doctors Month." (No offense to Asian parents of doctors.) Or is there a vote that happns somewhere, or some kind of bidding process (like the US chopping up their airwaves to make money)? I wouldn't mind the day before Remembrance Day being "Ben Day". (Hold your puns with "Ben Gay" already. Consider them done.)

And how should they allocate the months? There are only twelve months in a year; we couldn't possibly give each one exclusively to some awareness cause! Even adding the weeks (52), that's not enough. Even with the added help of each day of the year (365) minus the popular international holidays (30-ish). I'm sure they'd come up with more things to lobby for, right?

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