Ah, the classic endless battle: toilet seat up or down? We all know that men like it up, women like it down. (Mind out of the gutter, people. We're talking toilet seats still.) I mean, that's perfectly fine, this difference of preference. One would expect us to agree to disagree.

But why do women not tolerate men sometimes forgetting to put it back down? I think in general, men will comply and try to put the seat back down for the ladies, out of consideration / love / whatever. But sometimes, we forget. The world doesn't end there, you know. I mean, you never hear of men getting all twisted up because a lady left the seat down, right? What exactly is the big deal? Shoot, it's not like we're demanding the ladies raise the seat ... and we still can't come to an agreement?

"The seat is cold if we sit on it and the seat isn't down!" Uh ... then LOOK before you SIT! If you know there's a chance of it happening, wouldn't it be wise to exercise that extra bit of caution? Sitter beware!

Believe it or not, this was a very sticky point in a past relationship. Though I tried my best to accomodate to her wishes, I did on occasion forget to put it back down ... and when I did, she would throw a fit. I really couldn't understand why it wasn't as easy as just putting it back down and getting on with life.

This is not an issue right now, thank goodness. :-) Just a fleeting thought in my mind.

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