I had this question posed of me: what's the stupidest thing you ever did while drunk? My answer is that I ...

... kissed two girls. (In fact, I was kissing the second one while still holding onto the first.)
... repeatedly smacked my head against the concrete wall in despair. (This was the follow-up reaction to the above incident, after I got chewed out by the first girl's best friend.)
... melodramaticly begged for forgiveness outside the club, creating a crazy scene. (Another reaction to the above, begging for forgiveness. Bar owner had to come out and calm us all down.)

I'll tell you, that girl (the first one) has never let me forget that night; she keeps laughing at me (particularly since the second girls wasn't attractive). She gets a kick out of it, for some reason.

All I have to say is, Element's open bar night (ie. free-flowing drinks for an hour) is a double-edged sword. Still, thanks to Steve & Jamie & Phil & crew for having it. :-)

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