Back to the new car thing. I've narrowed things down to something more realistic (and slightly more "responsible"). The cars I'm now considering for lease.

- Audi A4 Cabriolet
- BMW 3-series
- BMW Z3
- Saab 9-3 convertible (2004)

And for purchase, my list is more like this. (Not listed are the state auctions that might come up.)

- Acura CL-S (2000+)
- Audi A4 (2003+)
- Honda Accord Coupe EX-V6 (2001+)
- Mazda 626 (2003+)
- Nissan Altima ?

I still have a feature wishlist.

- sunroof
- 6-spd manual, or auto with sport-shift
- leather
- climate control
- navigation

At the moment, looks like I still have a year to do all the math and decide.

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