I think I know now why sausages are curved.

From reading theyummyco.com, it seems casings are key and sausage weight plays a factor. I suppose natural casings are animal products, and not straight to start with. The article says that salami is straight because the meat weight while stuffing will straighten it out; that makes sense, right? But breakfast sausages are tiny, light, and still straight! The mystery still remains unsolved ...

Even a Filipino-Canadian forum has discussed sausages and longannisa, though they say nothing about curvature. You might also be interested in the history of the hot dog. It will be on next week's test.

Oh, and somewhere along the 237 on the way to work this morning, it smelled like there was a sausage factory near the highway. Yum.

(No, I'm not suddenly metrosexual.)

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