After the recent outage, I've started appreciate more the things I depend on. When you rely on such basic amenities in your life, and they're suddenly yanked away from you, you realize how much it means! No, I don't mean power on the east coast: I mean the blog feedback from BlogExtra.

But it's also made me realize that I'm no longer content with spewing my garbage content into the "black hole" of the world and not getting anything back. Feedback (nearly-instant feedback) is how I gauge the audience interest in my writing -- website statistical tracking isn't enough to satisfy this curiosity. I guess it goes to show that I could never be a radio station personality ... talking talking talking into the microphone without some way of knowing who cares out there (except for when they call in).

This brings up another question. Should I even care about what the audience thinks? Is this blog for me to spew thoughts, or for me to write things that my audience (essentially then like a customer) to amuse themselves with? Or both? Or neither? My first intentions were to spew my thoughts (random and useless as they are) and various updates on my life. More recently, the blog has seemed to take a life of its own and has become sort of a show. People drop by for a new half-episode, and contribute to the comments to continue that show. The next day, same thing happens again.

Just wondering about all this, 's all.

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