A dear friend recounted her recent chain reaction of purchases. I was surprised on how much she's spending, and on tech toys, no less! Beware. Do not get suckered in! Save yourself!

"Well, doctor, it all started when ..." when I decided my laptop needed an upgrade: I really just wanted a bigger harddrive (than the 6GB) and a CD burner for music and data. This idea evolved from buying a monitor-less mini-PC to store in the closet (and I could access it remotely to do what I needed), into just buying a new system. Behold the list ...

Sony VAIO RX-752 computer system ... just because.
Cornea CT1702T 17" LCD screen ... to be my monitor and TV.
Logitech Cordless Comfort Duo wireless keyboard & mouse ... to control my DVD from my bed.
Canon S400 digital camera ... to share pictures with friends.
Sandisk 256MB CompactFlash card ... 32MB wasn't enough.
NB-1LH extra battery ... one battery doesn't cut it.
DSC-P50 case ... to not scratch up my S400.
Lexar Pro Series 1GB 32x CF card ... 256MB wasn't enough.
Western Digital Caviar 200GB Special Edition harddrive ... to store all those pictures!

So inside of a 12-month period, I've totalled $2369 USD in toy spending. Help, someone save me!

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