How do you lose a shoe on the side of a highway? You know what I mean. We all see them; it's apparently quite popular.

Well, in my boredom, I thought of some quotes you might hear ... just before the shoe hits the highway pavement.

- "Hey, keep your feet inside the window! Seriously, that's dangerous!"
- "Dammit, my foot's so itchy. Whoops."
- "I haven't been able to find that right shoe for weeks now! Oh well, guess I won't need this left one."
- "This is gonna be so funny! Check this out: watch the car behind us."
- "Oh, HERE's the right shoe. Shoot, I just threw out the left one. Guess I won't need this one now."
- "Royal flush?? Dammit, I hate playing strip poker in the car."
- "Hey, think you're so tough?? What, you couldn't hit me with that! Gimme your best shot!"
- "Who throws a shoe?? Honestly!!"
- "Go ahead, I dare you!"

What else might have been said??

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