There are some words that I just can't type right, even though I know perfectly well how to spell it right. It's like my fingers always want to type something else, or I get muscle memory and they spit out another combination of letters. Here are the words that I just can't seem to get right on the first try.

- helmet ("helment")
- separate ("seaparate")
- Benny ("beeny")
- [my company's name, which is all caps] (always end up typing the last letter in lowercase)

Those are some of my recent ones. What are yours?


Kevin Cheng said...



lena said...

I have to write a lot of letters to XYZ Insurance Company, but every time I need to adress a letter to the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board, it always ends up either Workers' Compensation Insurance Co /or/ if i'm a little "with it" it's Bored instead of Board - hmmm... Freudian much?
or, since my name is so long... it ends up magdlaena instead of magdalena (but that's cuz I'm typing too fast) hee hee :)

head dump said...

oh, I just have spelling mistakes, never typos. But I like to brush them off as typos so I don't feel as stupid. ouch, that was a painful confession.

Ben said...

Fine. There.

Ben said...

When I was working at Environment Canada, I couldn't type "environment" -- it was the extra "n" in the middle that kept getting me.

And now, I can't for the life of me get my full company name (in Chinese) properly. It's like I'm dyslexic for just the middle part (between the name and the "Ltd"), where it has descriptors of what our business really is. But then, heck, the company's full name is 13 characters including all the "Ltd" and "Corporation" and stuff.

My company's name in English ends in "m", and it's all in caps. I just noticed that it's not only this word that I can't seem to keep the caps on all the way through for. I just tried to type out "MEDIUm" and still that little "m" escapes the shift!