Reject then Outlaw

I took my scooter test this morning. Written test was a breeze, used 2 of 20 allotted minutes and got 100%. It's in English, that's why.

The road test (on a closed course) was a different story. The hardest part is the first stage: ride for 20m within a 30cm lane in over 7 seconds. Slow, steady, straight. You get two tries. After that, the rest is pretty easy: follow a curve to the left, and then three stops of various types (traffic light, railroad, flashing yellow).

50% of the people I watched failed the first part, including me. I have to wait 7 days before I can try again (but only need to redo the road test). I used one of the scooters they lend out, but wasn't really used to it, and I didn't get to practice much before (only twice while visiting my brother).

Well, I'm still going to buy my scooter this weekend, and then practice (license-less) over the next week and use it in the test. I'll be an outlaw like my sister.


Nk said...

"Outlaw"?! Whaddaya mean, "outlaw"! I'm just making sure I get LOTS of practice before taking the test.

Over 700 clicks of practice, and counting.

Anonymous said...

ben-your sister got outlawed? that's too funny? how many times can you take the test?

Ben said...

You can take the roadtest twice in one visit, but 7 days between visits. I'm not sure how many times you can visit, but if you're not getting it pretty quickly, you should probably take the hint that you shouldn't ride a scooter. Or that you should at least practice before showing up. I'm going with the latter.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that you will pass soon. So what if you didn't get it on the first time. I think scooter riding is more difficult than others let on. I mean your feet jsut sit there.... it's weird. KT