At Lease That's Done With

So today, I took my first major step to establishing residence in Taiwan -- okay, second, after actually stepping onto a plane with a one-way ticket to TPE. I went and signed a year away to rent a place to live.

It's a tiny little fully-furnished 420sqft apartment with a "second floor", where the bed and some storage space sits. Kind of loft style, but without the spacious high ceiling and luxurious feeling. The building it's in is only 8 years old, in a nice area of NeiHu (across the river from all the cool stuff in Taipei), and has a hotel-like lobby with 24-hour security (ie. hired sleepers). There are washing machines, pool tables, a karaoke room, sauna and steamroom, and some other little amenities in the basement which are nice to have, but I doubt I'll use them much.

Rent ends up being $14000NT/mo ($450 USD) and includes maintenance fees (about $50 USD), cable TV with HBO ($18 USD), and a gas water heater. The secured parking spot is an extra $3500NT/mo ($110 USD), but that hardly matters since I don't have a car anyhow. A spot for a scooter is $200NT/mo ($7 USD), but ample street parking is available as well, if you're okay with exposing your scooter to the elements outside.

My lease with the landlord officially starts on June 1, but I can move in on the 25th if I want to. (I will probably want to.) It's been a long and hard (and picky) road to this place, and even though this apartment is not ideal (nor even as nice as the first place I saw in this building), I'm happy that it's finally done.

And I'm super excited about once again having a place to call my own, and to decorate with accents just the way I like it. My first purchases will probably be a bottle of whiskey (Macallan 12) and a Mac mini. :-)


S said...

*phew* I'm glad you have a place to call home now.


Kevin Cheng said...

isn't macallan 12 scotch? i should know this because i got wasted on a bottle of one just a month ago.

Momcy said...

Drinking is not "Cool"at all! Long time ago, people thought "Smoking" was cool, well, see what it can do to your health?! Think about it!!

h said...

you're right, kc. macallan 12 is a scotch.

Ben said...

Ah, sorry. I guess I never really understood the difference between whisky / whiskey / scotch.

And it's not about drinking myself silly, but rather about having a decent selection of beverages for when people come over, or for a quick sip after work before operating heavy machinery and playing with dangerous weapons. Oh perhaps I could forego the Macallan and get myself some sake and a sake set instead.

And anyway, I lied, now that I think about it. I'll need to buy a blanket first. And a microwave. And then the fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's awesome! I'm so happy for you Ben!!! YO're friends in SF all miss you! - KT

Nk said...

Yay! :D

Where's my room? :)

Ben said...

I miss all you guys in SF too! And now I have a place where you can crash when you come visit! NK, after I move in, I'm going to clear a little spot in the closet, just for you.

Actually, the living room downstairs has enough floorspace to lay the foam padding out on.

Damn: two blankets, I have to buy. And pillows for me and potential guests. And a shower curtain, so the toilet and sink don't get wet. And a mop, in case they do. Jeez, I wish I kept all my Target Michael Graves stuff!

Pictures shortly.

Turbo Tiger said...


Wow, I'm still amazed you're actually in taiwan, and now there for a year at least.

Clarence said...

Man that is tiny :P But the price is right :) Hi from Equatorial Guinea!