Now I'm Part of the Problem Too

Over the weekend, I signed away my commitment to a major purchase and handed over my $2,000 TWD deposit, while several mosquitos snacked on my left leg. $62,500 TWD (about $2,000 USD) gave me ...

- Yamaha CygnusX SR in blue and white (the same model that is popular amongst youngster scooter enthusiasts here, like Hondas/Acuras in North America)
- some crazy-heavy chunk-a-metal U-lock, for securing the rear wheel (while parked, duh)
- disc brake lock, for securing the front disc brake and as a shiny visual theft deterrent
- theft insurance up to $35,000 TWD for one year (so I'd "only" lose 25 large if someone lifts my ride) -- people don't usually get the second year, because nobody steals year-old scooters apparently
- one white Yamaha helmet with visor, for protecting my noggin
- one additional white helmet with visor, for protecting my passenger's noggin (or for me if the weather gets too hot)
- license plates and registration for the scooter
- the scooter ID number branded/stamped into each major body piece
- fresh wash and wax on the new baby, to complete the Ben Chick MagnetTM look
- the illusion that my scooter will make me look cool, instead of just another scrawny Taiwanese dork on the crazy streets

I was pretty concerned about how I'd manage the traffic to get back to the office, and especially on my first ride home tonight, through the busy streets of downtown. My ride here (to work) was interrupted by a sharp fall of heavy rain, and a few nervous moments passing by police (and a police station) while hoping my inexperience on my little two-wheeled friend wouldn't be too obvious.

Here's hoping I don't end up in the hospital tonight on the way home, before I even move into my apartment!


Ben said...

Whoa, I almost smacked into the back of a bus this morning. Oops. Gotta take it easy with the right wrist action there.

Clarence said...

hahaha nice one! Man is it faster than your old bronze Tercel? :)

Ben said...

So, not even 5 days later, I ...

- scratched the side by running the scooter along a planter beside the road
- have been rear-ended by a little car when I emergency braked
- constantly get honked at for not wanting to weave in and around cars during red lights
- get evil looks when I accidentally cut off other scooters
- probably shouldn't own a scooter altogether.

And yes, acceleration is way faster than my 1987 Toyota Tercel, 4-door.