Shiny Happy People

Polished black tiles lend an elegant aire to an office building's bathroom. And in a way, its mirror-like properties are kind of useful so that you can see what's going on behind you while you're standing (rather vulnerably) at the urinal. But it can also be not-so-nice when you catch a glimpse of your stall-neighbour's ass on the toilet in the upward reflection during your poo. You have been warned.


Momcy said...

"Will the real Ben please stand up?" Ha ha, Ben is back!!!

Ben said...


1. Somebody's mom is quoting Eminem; that's just plain wrong.

2. I'm back? What do you mean? Where did I go?

So ... you mean, you actually like the poo blogs?

Momcy said...

I like you to be FUNNY! I need someone like you to cheer me up! No serious blogging! :)

Kevin said...

I know the feeling!! Not long ago I went to the washroom at an MRT station, and the floors were JUST mopped. And as I sat there in my deuce-dropping position, I thought to myself, "boy, I'm glad no one's in the stall next to me, because I can see everything super clearly!"