Disjointed Comments

I hate looking for apartments. It's tiring, depressing, and time-consuming.

Funny, but now that I'm in Asia, it's actually harder to find a good ol' (cheap) congee place. And even harder to find any fried noodle joints to speak of! I might have wandered by one tonight, but it was 3 minutes past their closing time, so I had no opportunity to taste their wares.

Mosquitos love me; I'm their buffet. I can tolerate most of the bites, but the ones around my shift cuffs, on my fingers, and around my ankles are the ones that constantly irritate me.

It's my first week at work (wrapping up shortly). I'll be damned if I'm expected to work this Sunday, but I might have to fire an email or two out, just to foster a harder-working culture around this lax establishment.

It's sweltering hot outside. And it's only May.

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