Ross vs Rachel

So a question came up over conversation: what does it mean, relationship-wise, to be "on a break"?

The initial response was that a couple would split up, be able to see other people, yet still hope they might get back together. My first thought was, doesn't seeing other people then negate the true intentions of hoping to get back together?

So the way I see it, I suppose everyone falls into one of two general trains of thought: Ross' and Rachel's. They took a break from each other, but Ross ended up sleeping with another girl in a drunken stupor (and he was drowning himself in alcohol only because he was depressed about Rachel). She finds out, and for many episodes later, brings it back up to haunt him. His response is unwavering:


So it seems that when you're on a break, the following items need to be clarified:
- are you allowed to see other people?
- ... sleep with other people?
- are you intending to get back together?
- is there a time limit?

And based on those questions, my main question is, what's the point of being "on a break" instead of, say, "staying together" or "breaking up" clean?


Ben said...

Turns out it's not just me who is confused as to what's up with this "on a break" concept. Fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

lol. interesting link.

the way i interpret a "break" is that either one or both parties would like some time to think and reflect about the relationship. Its not a b/u...more like a time out.

Ben said...

Yeah, I'm seeing the break up as a "we're still together, but we need some time to think and reflect on our relationship and whether we want to stay together or not, so don't go bed hopping, but if you do, that's a pretty clear indication of what you've thought about and what you think about staying together, but in any case, it's a lousy way to get your message across, so don't sleep around anyway" kind of situation. You're still officially together, just spending some time alone with your thoughts. Pretty much?