The Reverse

I started work today. And they gave me a laptop.

So at home, I have a Apple Powerbook G4 17"; at work, I get this Dell Latitude D600. I moved from Mac OS X 10.3.9 to Windows XP SP-frickin'-2. I hate it, I just hate it. I hate Windows. I hate Dell. I hate how cramped the keyboard is, and how narrow and tall the screen seems. I hate how Windows seems unnatural now, and how you can close a window with CTRL-W but can't close an application with something similar -- you instead need to shift your left hand to hit the ALT-F4.

I wouldn't wish this reverse switch on my worst enemy. Well, actually, I would, because it would be super funny to watch them get frustrated the way I did today. And it was just the first day of many that I get work on that Dell P.O.S. Yippee. I think I should have just mandated an iBook at work for myself.

But actually, I think what I hate most is not having admin privileges to my own computer. That sucks rocks. But I think I will be able to change that over time. I have to install my iTunes and Trillian, after all. And at least I have my Firefox now.


Van said...

oh you love it now but wait til your Apple breaks down. My friend used to be a Mac person but has since gotten to hate them. When things go awry, the company doesnt want you fixing things yourself. they want to sell you Apple care instead. She decded to open up her computer to take a look but the sales guy neglected to tell her u actually need a special screwdriver to actually open it cuz again they want you to pay for service, not DIY.

Ben said...

But ... what salesguy will tell you that you need a special screwdriver to open their case and muck around in their hardware? Heck, what salesguy would even really know that? I doubt Dell would provide that kind of informative service.

In any case, I'm not happy with my Dell, but I've made some changes to it so that it's now a little more ... bearable. But that's for another blog.

hougee said...

too bad there's no "virtual mac" for PCs.. :)