Temporary Shock

Dear diary,

Last Thursday, I had the most terrible scare after I'd gotten to work. I was going through my regular morning routine at my desk when one of the most important steps failed me: BlogSpot wasn't returning any of my requests for the blog entries I regularly read.

It just wasn't responding. I didn't know what to do! I just sat there, frustrated that my oh-so-carefully-coordinated routine was abruptly interrupted, and sad that I had to start being productive prematurely early. And I was grossly under-equipped to handle the situation. The whole train of my sequence of events had ground to a halt because one plank on the railroad was stopping me.

I mean, I guess it didn't understand that I actually needed to get to Blogspot. I wasn't just another visitor to the website perusing around, I had important blog entries to read, friends' lives to catch up on! How dare it deny me of that basic human right! (I'd have to check, but I'm pretty sure it's not only in the constitution, but also a very close runner-up 11th-place in the commandments list. Yeah, THE list of commandments.)

So my first scare was that BlogSpot was down.
My second scare was that BlogSpot wasn't down!

What if my IT guy had, in his unhappiness with how stringent I've been in upholding our HR policies, checked my access patterns, found that I visited BlogSpot, and blocked access to it?? Worse yet, what if this was just the first step towards blocking all the fun sites, web mail, instant messaging??

Thoughts began to race through my head. Thoughts of how to approach him, thoughts of how to request the site be allowed again, thoughts of how to justify it all in the name of research or something, thoughts of quitting the company.

That is, except for the short while that I was searching for online services that could bypass such a domain block, it was an annoyingly productive day. And at the end of it, I was pleasantly surprised with BlogSpot responding again. All was well, and life was good again. The end.


Mike said...

My friend, this is starting to sound like an addiction..

miscmusings said...


Ben said...

You're right: I was quite sad. But then, as you probably read in the posting, BlogSpot came back and I was happy again. Hurray!

What? No, what addiction? :-)

KC said...

so. your friends ONLY blog on blogspot? ;)

Ben said...

Well, most of my friends are on BlogSpot, so the impact of this was more so than would have, say, LiveJournal or individual WordPress servers. :-)