Under Where?

Question. How long do your underwears last? When do you replace them, and why?

Just trying to figure out how long such under garments wear, really. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say my tighty non-whities have a lifespan of two years. (I'd also like to add that it's a very happy two years of cupping my goodies and cradling my betelnuts. A full and satisfying life indeed.)

And usually, the reason I throw them out is ... well, it depends, actually. Sometimes, the elastics get looser as I fill out (the bad way). Sometimes, I just decide I don't like them anymore. And sometimes, I don't know why, they start to turn yellow-ish brown -- I imagine it's the effects of exposure to sunlight and UV. (Haha, just kidding.)

Now you share.


Anonymous said...

A good sign I find, is when the white fabric starts to become translucent - at which point keeping said article of clothing to cover your privates, gets defeated (regardless if the elastic still lasts).

KC said...

holey underwear. or rather, just before it becomes holey.

honestly ... shouldn't you "just know"? i mean, how do you know for normal clothes?

Kevin said...

My decision is based on both thinning material, and holes that rip where the cloth meets the elastic.

And, son of a b**ch, when I said not to post pictures of me on the Internet, I also meant pictures of my underwear. And give those back to me if you're done borrowing them. "Just one day", he says. "I'm out of clean underwear", he says.

head dump said...

when the fabric starts to wear thin, loose fit etc. I'll take any excuse to get new comfy undies.

Ben said...

Okay, so we all replace them on the first obvious signs of wear -- pun unintended but also not given a lot of effort to avoid. But roughly how long does that take? Months? Years?

And how many underwears do you have? I figure I probably have about 25 pairs, maybe more. Mostly regular briefs, but about 6 boxer briefs, and 3 pairs of boxers.

Anonymous said...

When you say "regular briefs," do you mean tightie whities?????

Ben said...

I used to have tighty whities, but they eventually turned a shade of tighty yellowees-and-brownies. [shrug] Dunno why.