The Hunt

So I've spent two weekend days touring various neighbourhoods in Taipei now, looking for a new abode to inhabit at a not-so-exorbant monthly due. I have to say that I think my requirements are too stringent because I quickly get disappointed at what kind of places I see. I don't know why some owners don't even bother to clean their places to make them mildly presentable!

Today, I found a few promising buildings, but as I approach them on my scooter, I see that the lobbies aren't even complete yet ... which means the building's not yet done ... which means it's still some months out from being inhabitable by me or anyone. ugh.

My backup is still this one unit that is 10 floors straight up from me, also a loft-style, but comes with no furniture at all. That means (along with $500NT more in rent per month) I'll have to fork out cash to buy my own bed, TV, sofa, and fridge. Not so keen on buying the big stuff because of the relatively unease of moving it to a new place if I need to again.

Tomorrow, I'm going to scoot around Neihu some more and see if I've missed anything in the area (maybe closer to Costco). I'm starting to think that buying a place in the city is not such a bad idea, really, if I think about the monthly rent vs mortgage payments.

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