Apt NOT For Rent

I asked the landlord to check with the new owner whether their intention will be to rent (and if there will be an adjustment), so I know what their plan is. She called me back earlier this week to confirm: the new owner wants to live in here. And that means I can't. So though I was planning to take this chance to look for a new place anyhow, now there's the actual pressure of "you can't live here anymore" behind it. Mentally, feels different, because I just lost a backup alternative!

Anyway, my existing lease agreement is until the end of May; this weekend, I'll meet with the old and new landlords to re-sign the lease with the new landlord (until the end of the May still). I can move out pretty much at any time before that, though, so I've started looking for places.

The lowdown is this: my ideal place (if one even exists) will likely mean a 40% increase in rent. Basically, I've learned that I need (want) to live in a place that:

- is a studio apt, about 450sqft (some places are like dorms, or are multiple bdrms),
- is under 10 years old (rare in the areas I want),
- has a lot of closet space (rare),
- is well maintained or newly remodelled (also rare), and
- includes furniture already (very rare)!

I'm warming up a little bit to that last one, because I can just find some cheap IKEA furniture, but I don't really want to buy a bed or sofa or any of the heavy (ie. not easily movable) stuff. As a new backup, there are some units in this building for rent, and I'll be checking them out this weekend as well.



Anonymous said...

Ugh. That sucks!!

Hope all works out!!


hougee said...

move back to vancouver :)

Momcy said...

Moved to Toronto, I'll let you stay at my place! "Again, it depends on how much" you are paying me!? hee hee!