To The Power of 3

I've loved aquariums ever since I was a wee boy, but I never had one of my own. Then I bought a small 6-gallon set before (the Eclipse System Six) for my girlfriend, many many years ago, and we set it up with live plants and everything.

Somehow, everytime I moved, I've considered getting one but always found some excuse (mainly the maintenance needed) to thwart the pride of fish ownership. But recently, I came upon this design, and oh man, I really want one now! (Of course, I'll never do that, because I need more room than that, and I don't want a betta fish.)


Mike said...

You will be the master machead if you had a mac for your fish too!! :P

btw.. one of a macbook pro found a new home last week.. :)

Ben said...

The aquarium I want needs to be several times larger than that Cube space. I wonder if I could rig something into an aquarium too ...

And dammit, you owe me a ton of pictures now: wedding photos, and close-up glamour shots of your new MBPro!