Not New, but Maybe New to You (I)

Some things you may or may not know about me.

A lot of my monthly spending goes into food.

I usually eat apples without first washing them; I am loyal to the cleaning-them-on-your-jeans tradition.

If I'm famished and finally get some food, after I swallow my first bite, I get a tiny bit dizzy and light-headed. But it only lasts until the second mouthful.

I'm a digital packrat.

I sometimes fear that I'll never be happy/satisfied with what I have, and will only really appreciate what I had.

I see myself shaping into some traits of my father, be it good or bad.

I make excuses for myself. And most of the time, I believe them.

I look young. This is sometimes a liability, especially given my position in the company, in this work culture.

My personal paperwork (records of bills, receipts, etc) is a huge mess.

The only coffees I drink are froo-froo ones with enough added stuff/flavour until it barely resembles coffee at all. (Thankfully, these are readily available at Starbucks.)

More to come.

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